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Mosaics & More

Simple Flower Canes with Becky Acosta         $47.00

Learn how to construct simple cane designs, such as flowers, spirals, and hearts. If you are signed up for Cindy Dempsey Sleman's mosaics class, you may cut small lengths of these canes and bake them to use in your mosaics. You can also use thin slices of your design canes to make veneers to cover everything from beads and pendants to boxes and vases. Students can exchange pieces of cane so that everyone has a nice selection to use in their future projects.

Tools & Materials:
Polymer clay (Premo or Souffle brands -- available at Michael's, JoAnn's, and other craft supply stores ): 2-5 colors of your choice. Instructor will have some clay to use, but by bringing your own you will be sure to have the colors you want. You can also blend colors to create your own palette. This will be shown quickly in class, but if you already know how to do it and want custom colors, please mix them ahead of time so you have more time in class to create your canes .

Tools: pasta machine and/or clay roller, clay blade. Bring a container to bring home any unused raw canes. Instructor will have extras of these, if needed.


Mosaics with Cindy Sleman from Madhouse Mosaics

4 Hour Class
47.00 includes all materials


Wanna rock your own mosaic heart rock? It’s fun and easier than you think, and a great small starter project for anyone interested in learning the art of mosaic. We will provide all supplies, including the perfect rock and a variety of glass beads, baubles and stained glass in a spectrum of colors to choose from, you need only provide your own unique creative eye, though you’re also welcome to bring any of your own materials you may want to mosaic onto your heart rock, like maybe a special piece of costume jewelry or coveted gem for the center piece.

Grouting will be done at home or you are welcome to come to the studio for additional help during regular hours.

Mokume Gane Pendants with Becky Acosta

4 hrs   $47.00

Learn how to make Polymer Clay Mokume Gane (sometimes called "hidden pictures") veneers.  We will learn how to use these veneers to make beautiful pendants. 

Class time:  4 hours

Tools & Materials:   

Polymer clay -- bring 4 colors of your choice of Premo or Souffle clays   (available at Michael's, JoAnn's, and other craft supply stores).  Colors should work nicely together and have some contrast.  If you like, you may include translucent for a layered look and/or metal leafing (see middle sample below).

Polymer clay tools:  pasta machine and/or clay roller, work surface, stiff and flexible clay blades, texture tools with deep textures.

Jewelry tools and findings:  Bring your own jewelry tools (round-nose pliers, flat nose pliers).  Instructor only has a few to share.  Instructor will have a small selection of jewelry findings, but if you have some of your own you'd like to use please bring them.   Instructor will have five pasta machines to borrow.   A limited amount of extra clay will be available for purchase, if needed.

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