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2mm thick


DHG Thermoformable Felt is made from wool and a small amount of polyester (90% wool and 10%v polyester). It is used often in Europe to make durable objects, even shoes! It can be used as a wonderful base for backgrounds and stitching but because it is moldable, 3D becomes possible or simply use it as a felt base to embellish or felt into.


'Thermo' felt is "cooked" in an oven @140c for approx 30 mins which causes the polyester component to soften and therefore retain its shape when it cools making it suitable for structural or sculptural shapes or accessories. It will retain the shape you make before you heat it. We recommend you do some test pieces to assess how hot and how long it will take in your own oven. It can also be done in a microwave. Paler shades may discolour if heated for too long.


Composition: 90% wool - 10% polyester. 2 mm thick. Width 150 cm.  Made in Italy. Located in Tuscany, the famous textile district of Prato, DHG (Dyeing House Gallery) have been processing and dyeing fibre since 1954. Colour and quality are the cornerstones of their philosophy.



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