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Giving the gift of wine? Why not make your gift extra special with a customized Linen Wine Bag. Dye it, paint it, embellish it, stamp it or screen print on it. Seen in expensive retail stores with simple vintage stencil designs.

Not into wine? Candles or oils also fit this bag perfectly. These bags come at such a reasonable price you could even give them away as custom made party favors.

Or how about using them for your Renaissance Faire costume - as a bag hanging from your belt? Linen and wool were the dominant fibers used in Europe in the 1500's - so these bags would work well as part of a Faire costume or to tuck into your carrying basket to discretely hide your personal items (like the cell phone you're not supposed to bring to the Faire).

100% Linen bag with a Jute cinch cord closure.

Sewn with Polyester thread. Hand washing recommended.

Linen Wine Bag

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