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Application Guidelines

Before diving into the online application process, please take a few minutes to read below. The link to the application will be at the bottom of this page on/after May10, 2019. You will be notified 2 weeks after applying.


Food Trucks

**Please note that if you are a food truck, this application does not apply to you. Our food trucks are selected through an invite-only process. If you are a food truck and you want to put yourself on our radar, please contact us by email.

Participation Fee IMPORTANT NOTES:

  • Exhibition fee is for space rental only and does not include table(s) or other props. You are responsible to supply your own. Electrical is available.
    Shared spaces are not allowed unless approved in advance. Free on-site parking is available.


  • $55.00  Be prepared to bring (1) 6ft tables. Artists may bring their grids or rent them from the Chatsworth Fine Arts Council. Contact info will be sent to you if needed.  SOLD OUT

  • $30.00-Please bring a 4ft table. Chairs are provided.   SOLD OUT

    We may have outdoor spaces available depending on the weather. We will consult with vendors as we get closer to the event.

Eligibility & Ethos

The Makers Market accepts applications from Los Angeles makers, artisans, visual artists and small cottage industry businesses across all creative disciplines that meet our curation criteria and the general ethos of the Makers Market.


We do not accept or curate applications that include any buy/sell items. No exceptions.

We do not accept or curate applications containing products or work manufactured/produced outside of US; products or work imported for resale; products or work who's primary ingredients are manufactured/produced outside of US; any Fair trade products or works.

The Makers Market is artisan focused and in order to ensure that each artisan has a captive audience, we maintain a strict cap on any one ‘type’ of artisan at each market. This cap minimizes sales dilution and provides a more diverse selection for our guests.


Artisans retain 100% of their profits.

The most important part about this event besides finding your art a good home? It's to have FUN! Collaborate, support, encourage and be part of a creative community. You never know who you will meet. Enjoy the journey!



How to Apply/What to Submit

Before you click the 'apply' button, you'll want to prepare ahead by gathering up your images and text content!  

·         Minimum of 5 (more is better!) digital professional quality images of the work you'll be selling at the market.

          Early applications before August 30th will receive grid marketing at no charge. See example below.

·         Minimum of 2 digital images of your most current booth set-up and a good picture of yourself.

.         You will be sent a payment link upon acceptance, payment must be made within 3 days thereafter.


Your images *MUST* be high-resolution marketing-ready at a minimum of 1000px wide (height is irrelevant). Photos will be used for marketing purposes, so use your absolute best product shots.

Cancellation Policy

 Absolutely no refunds or credits for cancellations due to any reason within 30 days of the market dates. All other cancellations made prior to the 30 day window will be refunded. 

Samples of marketing 

If you would like the grid marketing piece, applications and payment must be complete no later than August 30th. If you have done the show before we will need NEW photos and keep in mind the harvest theme.