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Application Deadline

Feb 1st.

Application Guidelines

Before diving into the online application process, please take a few minutes to read below. The link to the application will be at the bottom of this page.


Food Trucks 

**Please note that if you are a food truck, this application does not apply to you. Our food trucks are selected through an invite-only process. If you are a food truck and you want to put yourself on our radar, please contact us by email.

Participation Fee IMPORTANT NOTES: Please note-these prices are 1/2 the normal rate due to the current Covid situation.

  • Exhibition fee is for space rental only and does not include table(s) or other props. You are responsible to supply your own. 
    Shared spaces are not allowed unless approved in advance.  On-site parking is available.


  • $55.00 NEW APPLICANT   Outside-10x10 space. Be prepared to bring your own Easy-Up and setup.

  • $45.00 RETURNING MAKER -This only applies to Vendors who have participated in the Makers Market before. Outside 10x10 space. Be prepared to bring your own Easy-Up and setup

  • $65.00 SHARED VENDOR SPACE  2 pre-approved makers from the same household, 2 different business' -Returning vendors

  • $75.00 Shared Vendor Space-2 different business' New Applicants

  • $30.00  6ft table space-no canopy-sidewalk

  • Outdoors is rain or shine. there will be no refunds for weather.

Eligibility & Ethos

The Makers Market accepts applications from Los Angeles makers, artisans, visual artists and small cottage industry businesses across all creative disciplines that meet our curation criteria and the general ethos of the Makers Market.


We do not accept or curate applications that include any buy/sell items. No exceptions.

We do not accept or curate applications containing products or work manufactured/produced outside of US; products or work imported for resale; products or work who's primary ingredients are manufactured/produced outside of US; any Fair trade products or works.

The Makers Market is artisan focused and in order to ensure that each artisan has a captive audience, we maintain a strict cap on any one ‘type’ of artisan at each market. This cap minimizes sales dilution and provides a more diverse selection for our guests.


Artisans retain 100% of their profits.

The most important part about this event besides finding your art a good home? It's to have FUN! Collaborate, support, encourage and be part of a creative community. You never know who you will meet. Enjoy the journey!



How to Apply/What to Submit  Please make sure you follow this process!

1. Submit a minimum of 5 excellent photos. Send to

Applications without photos will not be accepted. This includes returning participants.

2. Participation in prior events does not guarantee a spot.

3. Load-In Instructions must be followed.

4. Participation in outreach and marketing is mandatory beginning as soon as you are accepted. One to 2 posts a week is great. 

5. You will need to list all the items you sell. We want to support all the Makers to the best of our ability and avoid duplications.- New applicants only

6. Payment will be due 24 hours after acceptance. Once accepted your fee is non-refundable. If you cancel prior to the show your fee is not carried over to another event.

****Please note: There have been many scam artists on recent Pop-Up events saying there are spots open and to pay pal directly. Do not do this. We will send you an invoice which costs us more but protects our Makers.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds given once accepted to the Market. This is a rain or shine event. Refunds will be given if event is cancelled due to Covid Guidelines or if we need to cancel the event.

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