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 New in the Shop! Welcome
  The Crafty Kit Company from Scotland.

What they think

Here at The Crafty Kit Company, we firmly believe that everyone can be creative. We know that crafting is good for us - it’s a relaxing, sociable hobby that sharpens the mind, increases confidence and promotes a wonderful sense of wellbeing. Remember how great you felt when you finished your last crafty project?

What they do

We design fabulous and fun craft kits that come complete with everything you need – all the essential tools, materials and full colour, step-by-step photographic instructions. Beautifully packaged, they make lovely gifts too. Our kits are all suitable for ‘beginners’ and ‘improvers’

Why they do it

Our business has a deep purpose beyond profit, one that is rooted in service and giving back. We are very proud of our partnerships and charitable contributions – you can read more about those here. Our core values are shared by the whole Crafty Kit Company family, and form the central pillar of our business.

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