Tonight's Jazz Quartet

Tonight is the closing reception for Roy Guzman and Sarah Stone. We have so enjoyed having them in our little Chatsworth gallery. If you haven't had a chance to stop by please feel free to join us from 7:00pm-10:00pm. If you're a jazz lover you won't be disappointed. Joining us this evening are Jerry Scott Edelnant (guitar), Toshi Yanagi (guitar), Rick Guetschow ( bass) and Howard Greene (drums)

Music begins at 7:30pm till 8:15pm

We are honored and grateful!

Based in Los Angeles, Rick Guetschow has been playing bass since the age of 13 and began his professional career not long after. He has recorded or performed with such artists as Alan Paul, Tanya Tucker, Jack Gafford, Tony-winner Levi Kreis, Travis Howard, Amy Cook, Zara, The Mike Acosta Orchestra, Dennis Tufano, Gerald Veasley's Bass Bootcamp, the touring production of Ain't Misbehavin', and many others. Adept on both electric and upright bass, Rick brings his unique sensibilities and background to all types of music.

Jerry Scott Edelnant (he usually goes by "Jerry Scott" because even he mis-pronounces his last name) has held down the guitar chair for the past 6 years with Rex Merriweather's 20-piece jazz/rock/blues "This Ain't Your Daddy's Big Band". Jerry has spent many years playing in rock, jazz, blues, pop and several big bands, and met Rex as a member of another big-band. One day at a gig, Rex told Jerry he was thinking of starting a rock-style big-band and wanted to play lots of Spy and TV show themes, and asked if he was interested in joining? Jerry – who as a child used to record TV show themes on a portable cassette recorder and listen to them for enjoyment – jumped at the chance and hasn't looked back. Jerry is also a gifted guitarist/composer. He is on a lifelong quest to find more of his acoustic guitar's secret notes with which to craft beautiful instrumentals that speak to your heart. He says his music is calming and healing and is cheaper than therapy and safer than voodoo. Jerry can be heard playing his uplifting soundtracks for special events around town.

Toshi Yanagi (guitar) We don't have a bio for Toshi but you can see him on the Jimmy Kimmel Show! Here's a a peek........ Rig Rundown - Jimmy Kimmel Live! Toshi Yanagi & Jimmy Earl

HOWARD GREENE (drums) hails from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. He remembers seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and noticing that Ringo and those drums looked pretty cool. Howard acquired his first drum set in 8th grade. After earning a degree in orchestral percussion at the INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Howard realized his interest in a career in classical music had waned and again gave his drum set full attention. Howard has performed with musicians across the musical spectrum, including BOW WOW WOW, the Knack’s DOUG FIEGER, rockabilly pioneer RAY CAMPI, saxophonist BIG JAY MCNEELY, eclectic recording artist SKIP HELLER, Chicano music legend LALO GUERRERO, Tony award winner STEW, and former Dave Brubeck bassist EUGENE WRIGHT. Howard is a member of the house band at the GROUNDLINGS THEATRE in Los Angeles.

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