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KNITTING is calming, relieves stress, lessens anxiety, promotes a sense of well-being and a feeling of competence and mastery. Knitting provides a tangible delightful product, while regulating heart and breathing rhythms, providing a sense of security and efficacy; the regular repetitive movements raise serotonin levels, while creatively transforming the physical material reality around us.
Traditional craft work has been shown to effectively combat PTSD, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce feelings of isolation.
STORIES help you to be fully present with the listener, forging irreplaceable bonds, momentarily stepping into another reality together. Stories can be super simple and super short, and super effective at addressing difficult situations. 
In this book, you will learn a tried and true way to effectively teach knitting, and to tell stories. Hardback, paperback and e-book available. NOW IS THE TIME. Share this post with a friend.

Teaching Through Stories

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