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The technique of marbling involves creating a multi-colored pattern of paint that floats on the surface of a gel-like medium. Fabric or paper is then laid on the surface to pick up the floating paint and transfer the design. Jacquard Products has created a Class Pack that allows students to experience this exciting craft. This kit allows students to create elegant patterns on fabric or paper. Contains Jacquards NEW improved Marbling Colors which are the best paints for marbling that we have ever used!!!Kit includes:9 (2 oz.) bottles of NEW Jacquard Marbling Colors - Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Turquoise, Green, White, Black1 (2 oz) bottle of Synthetic Gall1 lb. of Alum (for pre-treating the paper or fabric)4 oz Carrageenan (quick-wetting marbling medium for making the "size")cotton fabric (2 yds. of 61" cotton sheeting)10 droppers for applying painteasy-to-follow instructions. You will need to supply: Newspaper strips or paper towelsShallow pans/traysContainer and whisk or blender for mixing the marbling "size"Various hair picks, combs, rakes, skewers or stylus for combing patternsDepending on the number of students, you may also want more fabric/paper and eyedroppers.

Marbeling Class Pack

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