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Pull-Out Skein

Recommended Gauge:
Knitting Needle Size No. 8
– 4 ½ stitches per inch
Crochet hook size G

85% Wool 15% Mohair, 189yds (173m)/115g (4oz), Worsted

Hand wash; lay flat to dry.


Lamb’s Pride has been the mainstay for Brown Sheep Company since the very beginning. Many experienced knitters and crocheters will tell you that no yarn stash is complete without a selection of Lamb’s Pride skeins.  In fact, many longtime knitters fondly recall learning how to knit with Lamb’s Pride yarn.


Lamb’s Pride remains a universal favorite because of its single-ply ease, silky finish, and extensive color selection.  With its unique blend of 85% wool and 15% mohair, Lamb’s Pride has a distinctive luster that looks lovely in a handcrafted afghan, sweater, or hat.


Many love Lamb’s pride for making felted bags or slippers.  We spin Lamb’s Pride in both worsted weight and bulky weight—be sure to keep some of this go-to yarn in your stash at all times!

Lambs Pride Worsted Sable

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