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Our gnome of the year kit  was created in order to share our love for needle felting fantasy creatures in all their many variations.  The 2018 gnome of the year is this sweet gnome lady.  With her brightly colored clothes, and flower detail, there are great opportunities with this kit to take your felting to the next level.  Get this limited edition kit before it's gone, and keep an eye out for the next edition gnome of the year!

A note about our limited edition kits:
New Going Gnome kits debut annually at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in October. Please plan accordingly as this is when limited edition kits will also become no longer available.

Skill level: Intermediate (some felting experience suggested)

This Kit makes: One gnome approximately 5" tall

This kit contains the following materials:

  • White batting for gnome
    Sea foam green, yellow, and poppy colored batting for clothes
  • Flesh tone batting for face and hands
  • Gold curly locks for beard and hair
    White and yellow batting for flower decoration
  • 2 38 gauge felting needles
  • Detailed instruction sheet

* You will also need a foam surface to work on.  You can use a piece of upholstery foam, or a large sponge, or purchase one of our foam felting pads.

Going Gnome Kits-Gnome of the Year

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