Makers Market Emails

2/19 Welcome to the Makers Market! 21800 Devonshire St. Chatsworth 91311-FEB 19


This is the first of a few communications should you accept to participate. If you are not able please notify us by FEB 21st to be refunded.


General Info

This market is taking place behind Naya Spa off of Devonshire St. & Jordan. We are right next to a residence on a grassy field. We need to be courteous and respectful of our neighbors.


We are only allowing max 18 vendors on the field (due to Covid),( 4 ) 6ft table vendors on the sidewalk, a food truck, a drink vendor, and a solo pannist.

We will load in beginning at 9am. Vendors will be assigned 2 time slots to arrive. This will be sent right before the event along with a map of where to park after unloading. If you need help with an easy up please make sure you bring a helper with you.

Any and all trash that you bring in must leave with you. The dumpster there is private property and not for our use.

The restroom ( for vendors only) is located inside My Creative Outlet. Please enter in the front door and exit out the back. Lock the door behind you. Sanitize after use for the next guest. This includes the lavatory and sink. Think of this as your home and care for others. There is NO staff.


Under NO circumstances is early pack up allowed. It can get windy in Chatsworth so be prepared.



There is wireless on the property but we found that it was not reliable. Please be prepared to have Venmo, pay pal other other payment means as a back up. We can also accept payments in the shop as a backup. (My Creative Outlet)



Covid Protocols

Please make sure to have hand sanitizer at your table and have masks on the entire time and be fully covered.


Let’s make it festive!

If you are able, please help us decorate. The theme is Spring Fling. We welcome paper flowers, butterflies, shamrocks, etc. Let the kids help too! The bigger the better. These will be hung on trees and the large fence. Bring the day of.  Please let me know if you can help



A lot of effort and countless of hours are put into marketing. If you are a returning vendor, please make sure you have submitted good photos. Send to We do not have a paid marketing team so you MUST step in and help. Invite at least 10 friends and you know where to blast it to!


On this note-we will be getting a very big support push form the Maiden Community. Kim has been supporting small mom and pop shops during this time of Covid. I could write a whole blog of how much she has helped the community at large. For this we ask that a 10% donation that goes back to Maiden Community. This only applies to us when someone from the MAIDEN community signs in on sheets (provided) and makes a purchase. This does not include the general public. We will either venmo or paypal her at the end of the day. We’ll find out more.


We are also collecting Easter Basket items for the Family Rescue Easter Basket giveaway. You can bring items on the day of the event. They also need volunteers to help. Here is their FB link. (1) EASTER BASKET GIVEAWAY | Facebook


I will be sending out more info as we get closer. My biggest ask is that you acknowledge the receipt of emails.

Many Thanks!


Just a quick update. 

We are adding a food truck, coffee and sweet treats to the market. Chris Arpad will be playing for us again LIVE. What an awesome surprise that was the last time.


Here is the big news

We are getting a nice big push from Kim at Maiden Community. She features small mom and pop shops and business'. She started this to support her local community and it has grown like crazy. We are her next feature for March. For this we are asked to donate 10% of our sales. She uses these funds to provide meals/goods for many organizations including families in need. The way it works-we have a sign up sheet for Maiden Community members to keep track of who purchased from us. This only applies to Maiden members not the entire general public.


At our last Market, the President of the Chatsworth Neighborhood came for a visit. He was very happy to see that we were peeking out, keeping it small and safe. He is more than happy to support us by sending out a direct email to the greater Chatsworth community.


If you have applied to the market  remember to send product pics. I will send out final notification of vendors on Friday.

If you are a current applicant please let me know you received this email.


Thank you!