Mosaics 101 with Cindy from

Madhouse Mosaics   

Meet Cindy!

I’ve been madly in love with mosaic art for about 25 or so years, except for the grouting part, ugh.  Bright vibrant color makes me happy and most of my mosaic art reflects this love of color along with my love of nature.


These past couple years, I’ve discovered how much I also enjoy infecting others with the mosaic art bug, sharing with them tricks of the trade I’ve learned through the generosity of fellow mosaic artists and my own self-taught experience in hands on workshops. I’m also a sometimes writer and avid reader with my favorites being poetry and the heart’s wellspring of poetic literature, and these days a lot of social and political history, current events and investigative journalism.


I enjoy hiking, walking, camping, gardening, live music, musical theater and deep, thoughtful, meandering, honest conversations and fearless intellectual debates where the mission of all involved is to help each other become more understanding, educated and empathetic humans. 


Most of all love being the mom of two fantastic kids, three sweet kitties, and the lucky wife of a creative genius.       

This workshop is designed to teach the basic principals of the art of mosaic. Your kit includes stained glass tile, mesh, a wooden heart base, gloves, glue, grout and instruction with Cindy. This is a 2 part session, be prepared to set aside 2 days. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance.


In addition you will need tile Nippers and tweezers. We found this kit on Amazon. If you do not have an Amazon account we are happy to purchase the set for you. 


Rustark 8 Pieces Mosaic Tools Set Including 200mm Heavy Duty Glass Mosaic Cut Nippers, 2 Scrapers, 2 Tweezers, 1 Double-EndedHook, 1 Spatula, 1 Sponge

Class size MIN 6 

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